It is very important to understand your visitors if you want to grow your list.

They are not your trusted followers. They are not your captive audience. They are people passing by in a crowd with little trust in what you have to say.

And, low trust means you can’t ask for much.


ADD email SUBSCRIBERS – Easy as 1-2-3

Email only, please

Ask only for their email. Every extra question you ask adds friction.

Trulia does a great job of this by providing a simple page that offers clear value:

When you ask for more information your visitor now has to have a little conversation in their head about whether or not they trust you and if it’s worth it to take the time to fill it out your form.

You are losing the majority of your customers in one of two ways:

  • Your ask exceeds their trust – “Do I trust this company to not spam me?”
  • Your offer is of too little value – “Is it worth giving my email for what they offer?”

Three ways to simplify email collection

  • One-Click Dialogue Box/Pop-Up – Regardless of the number and locations of your website’s subscription boxes, make sure they are simple, pleasing and include only the email text box and a single one-click subscription button
  • One-Click Social Login – Social login involves no typing from your visitor so that after a couple of clicks (or taps) they are subscribed. These not only make it even easier for the subscriber (they don’t need to enter an email address as this is done with a single “yes” click in their social media account) but it ensures you receive quality information about them. 
  • Add Sign-Up to Your Facebook Page – Allow people to subscribe wherever they find you rather than manually entering your site URL or finding a link. Add a simple button on your Facebook page to take them to a signup page. Again, only ask for email and one-click to confirm subscription.

Email verification matters

Of course, one-click subscribing by website also means you can’t use two-step verification since you don’t have a phone number to contact them with. It also means that the email is your only connection to this otherwise anonymous visitor. This is where verification tools like Emailable come in.

At Emailable we believe every email is incredibly valuable. Each address has the potential to become a customer, referrer or a raving fan.

Emailable simplifies checking emails for deliverability. It can integrate with your email marketing platform to check emails before sending but since we are talking about website visitors it can check emails in real-time when they are entered into forms. It will catch misspelled or invalid emails immediately and notify the users convincing them to fix a mistake or give you their valid email address.

Learn more about email verification or try verifying a part of your email list for free.

WHEN IT’S OK TO ASK FOR More Information

You can ask for more information when you have earned trust, have a high-value offer or a prospect is further down the funnel.

  • Trust – Email landing pages mean you know that they are already a subscriber being nurtured
  • Trust – You have a trusted brand, a trustworthy endorser or other social proof to build trust
  • Value – A unique high-value offer such as a research report or interactive calculator you have built
  • Value – Bottom of funnel actions such as a trial signup or pricing request mean


keep your list subscribed

Collecting an email is your biggest challenge but once you’ve cracked that code you need to make sure you hang on to as many subscribers as possible.

Having a low friction signup means more subscribers but no options for your users.

There are numerous options

Let Me Choose What I Receive – Customers are more likely to sign up if they have the option to select only the types of emails that matter to them. Maybe they just want emails with sales coupons or specific holiday-related promotions. Maybe they just want to know when you launch new products or services. Or, maybe they just want account-related news.

Let Me Choose When I Receive – If you send frequent emails, give subscribers the option of how many they receive each month. Some may want every week, some just a month. Either way, you will be maintaining contact with your subscribers over the long term. Consider using the words weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc.

Give Me Reason to Watch For Your Emails – Each one of your subscribers has also subscribed to a dozen other email lists. What can they expect from your emails?

Your subscribers deserve better than a generic promotional email (and I know you’re better than that).

Giving them a reason to watch for your emails means they know that on a particular day or that each email has value to them. It might be a roundup on industry news which saves them time searching. It might be a new report, a new webinar you are hosting, a new ebook, etc.

They key is that when they see your email in the inbox they automatically know that it’s going to be full of value.

Let Me Choose the Platforms – Here, you may suggest they follow you on one of your other social platforms (Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, to stay aware of other information that you regularly post about your products or business.

Let Me Try It Out First – If your product or service is information-based (magazine, blog, etc.) then a great way to reduce friction is to offer a free trial subscription or first issue free for the price of providing their email. The prospective subscriber or customer can then see, first hand, the value of your information products or services before full commitment and payment. This method also allows you to use two-part authentication without customer irrigation as they will be looking for your confirmation email to access promised free information product.


More to Come

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